• B&M New Hamshire Division and Layout Tour: The Towns of Wells and North Gorham

    In this video we tour the towns of Wells and North Gorham on the Boston and Maine New Hampshire Division and Layout. On the other side of the backdrop is Wells. This is where the main line cuts between the mill buildings of the White Mountain Paper Company. The prime feature of Wells is the…

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  • B&M New Hamshire Division and Layout Tour: The Towns of Haverhill Junction and Barrett

    Haverhill Junction on the B&M New Hampshire Division model railroad features a diamond crossing and a vintage ball signal. This model is based on the prototypes former crossing of the main central railroad at Whitefield, New Hampshire. The ball signal, possibly the last one standing in the US, protected the crossing for many decades. The…

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  • B&M New Hamshire Division and Layout Tour: The Town of Woodsriver

    The Tour of the B&M New Hampshire Division and layout starts in the town of Woodsriver at the South end of the layout. Its inspiration comes from Woodsville, New Hampshire, a division point on the prototype’s New Hampshire Division. Like the prototype, there is a medium sized passenger facility and a freight yard. The name…

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  • 7:02

    The behind the scenes tour of Jim EuDaly’s White Sulfur Springs & Alleghany Summit on the C&O Hinton Division starts in the Hinton Yard on the middle deck in White Sulphur Springs. The line enters the springs and runs above the Hinton Yard along the backdrop. This scene creates a view block with trees and…

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  • 8:16

    Our tour of Jim EuDaly’s C&O Hinton Division goes to Sewell and Hinton. After climbing through the gorge, the train enters Sewell on the mainline on the New River Subdivision on the bottom deck of the layout. Here the train approaches another crossing of the New River. The bridge is four feet long and was…

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  • 4:05

    Jim EuDaly’s C&O Hinton Division C&O tour starts in Hinton Yards on the middle deck of his railroad. The train start from a hidden staging yard that has a reverted loop based on a John Armstrong design. This loop alloys scheduled trains to leave and return to the same track by working around the circle…

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  • 1:00:40

    Allen Keller compiles structure building ideas from his Great Model Railroad series. This video is divided into three segments. The first segment features tips for planning structures, second is ideas for building them, and third is extra details to make the structure stand out. Beginning with tips for planning structures, hear from Al Lindop who…

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  • 10:59

    Model road layouts add interest and realism to a model railroad. Just like in real life, roads can almost always be found near a railroad track. In this video, Gerry Leone, National Model Railroad Association’s Master Model Railroader gives his tips for creating model train roads. Leone starts by building a gravel road. His gravel…

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  • 3:11

    In this video explore the West Canyon Springs area of Bill Briggs’ Musselshell and Yogo Peak model railroad. This is the last urban area on the layout and one of the last added. West Canyon Springs was built into the hillside working back to front to prevent scenery damage. The scenery was also made before…

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