Using Styrofoam Foundations in Benchwork

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Duration: 5:29

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Allen Keller discusses tips and techniques for laying styrofoam foundations on your model railroad benchwork. He explains the importance of using a wooden beam under any type of styrofoam foundation, regardless of the thickness. The benefits of using styrofoam, as opposed to a wooden foundation become apparent immediately given the versatility in cutting foam into any shape.

Allen demonstrates how to use styrofoam pieces as background hills, that can actually hide seams and spaces in your bench. He goes on to talk about the irregular and unique patterns you can easily construct – including a waterfall feature!

He goes on to demonstrate an easy way to build hills and mountains, using glue and various knives, saws and scrapers to rough out square foam blocks, making them into dynamic set features. Finally, take a look at a finished backdrop and note how styrofoam has been used to make grade variations and blending zones into a backdrop.