Tips for Better Model Train Layout Design: Creating Turnouts

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If you have limited space with which to plan your model train layout design, there’s no need to panic, you can still create an impressive scene that appears to cover more ground than it actually does. All it takes to make a railroad scene seem larger is to maximize your space with some creative model train layout design. There are a number of scenery and landscape techniques you can utilize to take advantage of the space you have at your disposal, from ground cover and high backdrops to visual events and mini scenes.

You can also make small adjustments to the tracks themselves to get the most out of your model train layout design. Oftentimes, these adjustments mean opting for handlain track segments over commercial products. In this lesson, we teach you some expert tips and model train layout design concepts that will come in handy for deciding how to handlay track turnouts and crossings so you can maximize scene space and maintain your viewers’ attention.

Concepts of model train layout design for handlain track

To help you figure out how to maximize your limited scene space, model train layout design expert Doug Gurin introduces a few simple concepts that you can use to handlay track turnouts and crossings. He talks about why it can be important to handlay track rather than working only with commercial turnouts and crossings, which don’t always look natural in compact areas.

To demonstrate the benefits of handlaying turnouts and crossings for your model train layout design, Doug discusses three key factors for when you might favor them over commercial tracks, including ways to improve capacity for yard, siding and spur tracks. And you’ll also learn how to create track curves that work best for your scene according to the rules of proper model train layout design. With these expert tips for handlaying turnouts and crossings, you can make vast improvements to your model train layout design and get the most out of minimal scene space.

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