Installing a Tortoise for Turnout Control

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Duration: 8:01

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When it comes to controlling a turnout on your layout, you have a number of different options to choose from! NMRA master model railroader Gerry Leone introduces to you an array of options and tools for controlling a turnout on your layout in this premium video. Find out the benefits of each option presented to best determine the right method for you.

Installing a Tortoise

Not only will you see examples of potential turnout tools in this video, but you will also learn all about installing and using a Stall Motor Switch Machine made by Tortoise. Find out a simple way to modify your Tortoise to accommodate to your layout and see how handy the template provided on the instruction sheet can be for adding a Tortoise to your layout. Go through each step of installing a Tortoise with Gerry and start controlling a turnout on your layout with ease!