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Creating Sacks for a Layout with Martin Tarnrot

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Modeler Martin Tarnrot welcomes you to another Model Railroad Academy video. One method for adding depth with model railroad accessories is adding sacks on pallets. Sacks like these are commonly used to store onions, seeds, and other goods. Martin shows an example of how these sacks of seed look when placed on a model. The base material in the sacks will be clay, specifically a variety that drives at room temperature without need for heating. Martin rips off a single piece from the clay and begins forming it into long strips, about a quarter of an inch in diameter, or 6 millimeters. Then he places the clay in the center of a nylon cloth strip, folds it in half and squeezes the clay flat between his fingers. A knife is used to make depressions at half inch lengths across the cloth and clay. After unwrapping the clay from the cloth, Martin allows it to dry overnight.

Once dry, it is easy to peel off each piece of clay which will become the model sacks. Next it is time for painting. Martin uses two different colors, a mix of burnt umber and ivory black. He thins the paint with water, spraying it onto the paint until he has a 50:50 mix of water to paint. The paint is simply brushed onto color the sacks. If a modeler is making hundreds of sacks at a time, Martin suggests just dipping them in a paint mixture. While the sacks dry, he moves onto making a new blend of paint. This will be used for a dry brush finish to highlight the texture of the sacks made from the clay being pressed against the cloth. Finally, he finishes by gluing them down to a pallet. To find more tips for planning your layout, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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